Fun Facts About Ventura

Ventura California

Ventura, California is the city that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Ventura is located in between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Ventura has become a hotspot for surfers and adventure seekers, but how well do you really know Ventura.

Ventura’s Rich History

Ventura was founded in 1866 and Father Junipero Serra established San Buenaventura Mission, which still remains today. Visitors to Ventura can see the church, garden and a small museum, when they visit the old Spanish mission.

Ventura is also home to several late 18th century, Victorian-style homes. Most are private but the Dudley House, is one that is open to visitors. Tours are offered once a month and for special holidays. The house is furnished with original furniture.

Father Serra Ventura California

Ventura’s Famous Food

Ventura is home to some of the greatest seafood in the country, according to some of the locals. Ventura chefs specialize in Mahi Mahi and fresh salmon. You can even take a tour in Ventura, where they will point out all the local favorite hotspots. Ventura is also a great spot to enjoy fresh lobster and tuna.

Ventura’s Amazing Scenery

Ventura is one of California’s most beautiful cities. Surfers take advantage of the Pacific Ocean waves, early in the morning. Ventura also gives you access to the breathtaking Channel Islands. The islands are home to a variety of wildlife including the California condor, bald eagles and dolphins.

Ventura California

Ventura’s Music

Ventura has featured some incredible musicians such as Johnny Cash and John Lennon. Ventura’s presence has drawn many popular modern musicians to perform at the local art theater, allowing locals to not be forced to drive to Los Angeles for a concert.

Ventura California

Ventura is a must-see location for all types of people. Ventura is the prime destination for spectacular food, music, and amazing views. If you’re thinking of taking a vacation, make sure Ventura is on your itinerary.