Traveling with Toddlers Road Trip Guide

Road Trips with Toddlers VenturaHave you ever wanted to take off on a mini vacation? Maybe take a day to drive just a short distance from Ventura, California or a road trip up the coast? You may think that this can be impossible with the little people, but traveling with toddlers can be a lot easier than you think! Follow these tips and see where they can take you!

Safety is the Golden Rule

A number one concern of all parents and caretakers is the safety and security of our children. No trip can be fun while worrying about what could go wrong or handle a situation that may be unsafe. Make sure all car seats are installed correctly, and all safety or emergency supplies are packed to go. If you are unsure about the car seat safety, the Ventura County Fire Department staff are trained and certified through the (NHTSA) National Highway Transportation Safety Association as a Car Seat Safety Technicians. These devoted civil servants can install or check your car seat to make sure that you are safe to hit the road safely with your little one!

Food and Changing Toddlers

Pack food and snacks for on the go. It is easy to forget that us adults can go hours without eating, while toddlers always want to be snacking. Same idea with the bathroom! So be sure to pack changing supplies and snacks where they can be easily reached. Also, keep in mind that toddlers are a little messy. Try not to pack any messy snacks like applesauce or yogurt. Keep it to clean and dry finger snacks with a covered drink.

Keep it fun!

The point of the trip is to explore more that just the beaches in Ventura, California. Look for new and exciting experiences. Sing songs in the car and keep the atmosphere enjoyable for the children. Entertainment and distractions from what could be a boring car ride can make or break a trip!

So remember, the point of traveling is to enjoy yourself. Do not be scared of taking the toddlers along and teaching them about the world. Traveling at such a young age creates amazing memories and opens them to experiences they may not have had from staying at home.