VW Jetta: From Past to Present

VW Jetta Ventura

First introduced in 1979, the Volkswagen Jetta debuted as a small family car specifically designed to meet the sedan niche. Since then, the VW Jetta has been marketed for more than six generations under various names, including the Fox, Atlantic, City Jetta, Bora, Vento, GLI, Clasico, Sagitar, and Voyage.

Since it first rolled off the Volkswagen production line, the Jetta went on to become the best-selling European-produced vehicle in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The world was introduced to the Jetta at the 1979 Frankfurt Auto Show. VW began production of the first-generation Jetta in the summer of 1979.

Second-Generation VW Jetta

Going on to become the longest-running Jetta, the Mark 2 series was introduced in early 1984, first to Europe, and to North America the following year. This model proved to be highly successful, garnering a number of awards. Compared to the previous model, the Mark 2 was heavier, larger, and capable of seating five as opposed to four.

Third-Generation VW Jetta

VW elected to discontinue the Jetta name for the third generation, renaming the new model the Vento, continuing the tradition of naming vehicles for winds. This model continued to be marketed as the Jetta in North America.

Fourth-Generation VW Jetta

Volkswagen began production of the fourth generation in the summer of 1999. In keeping with the same naming tradition, the new Jetta was marketed as the Bora. Consumers were presented with a number of advanced options, including automatic climate control and rain sensor controlled windshield wipers. Also added to the fourth generation lineup was an estate/station wagon version, which debuted during the Los Angeles Auto Show in early 2001.

Fifth-Generation VW Jetta

The fifth generation Jetta also made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. When the Mark 5 went on sale in 2005, it did so in the United States, prior to any other country.

Sixth-Generation VW Jetta

Known as the New Compact Sedan, the sixth-generation Jetta was introduced in the summer of 2010. The fact that the new model was less expensive to produce but still larger than previous versions allowed it to compete head to head with the Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, and Toyota Corolla.

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